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The Company was found in 1997 to operate in the plastic packaging industry located in Gebze Plastikçiler Industrial Area (GEPOSB) and have focused on to ensure the dependable cooperations by the Process, Sales and Service quality. In 2000, the company increased its product range and entered diversified markets. In 2003 the capacity increase was achieved with the investment of newer technology. In 2006, the machine park was renovated, product variety and capacity increase gained momentum.
In 2010, an investment was made in a qualified production facility suitable for food packaging. And the the subsidiary company Polifilm Ambalaj was found also in 2010. It is being carried out by this company which is established as an affiliate company of sales and marketing organization of Technical PE film products.
In 2011, R&D department was established and a laboratory unit with equipped devices was made. Sekuro began to manage his activities with the ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 assurance system certified by SGS.
  • 2011, a new land was purchased in the Bilecik -Bozüyük organized industrial zone.
  • 2012, the company's activities were integrated with Industrial Application Software (IAS-ERP).
  • 2013 Sekuro has completed the Public Offering activities within the framework of the Public Offering Project by the Government, has publicly offered shares in October 2013 and has started to trade in the Borsa Istanbul.
  • 2014 Bilecik - Bozüyük A new Plant was built in the industrial zone of BORSAB.
  • 2014 Technical PE Film Products has commissioned a new line in the framework of capacity expansion.
  • 2015 Exporting started in PE film products, and the Total capacity increase achieved.
  • 2015 Head Office was opened in Kavacık Istanbul.
  • 2016 From the first time moved to Bozüyük Plant, the increase in domestic and international sales reached to 100%.
  • 2016 Total of 9.000 m2 Closed Area has been formed with additional area and rearrange of the actual areas.  
  • 2017 PFL Flexibe Films, the Marketing Brand of Subsidiary Company Polifilm A.Ş. was found to market the Technical Films in Domestic and International Markets
  • 2017 PFL Flexible Films took a booth in Interpack 2017, Germany to be introduced new markets
  • 2017 Additional Capacity is projected to expand the goods marketed by PFL Flexible Films, total capacity increase to reach 50% more locally and Internationally.

Mission & Vision

Sekuro Plastic Packaging Ind. Inc. Co. has adopted an understanding of selfless, sincere, serious, reliable and consistent working.

It has always chosen to be a company that invests for the future with its human resources, knowledge, experience, responsibility, that leads in its sector with the service quality and business culture, that is respectful to rules and laws, that believes in moral values, that protects the country benefits and is appropriate for industrialism facts as the permanent objective. 

In order to reach this objective, it has chosen a horizon way that is evaluated with mind, worked heartily, gained by endeavouring and in which the value of knowledge and experience is believed, justice is protected, and it has accepted this way as the source of its existence. 

Investment Strategy

It is aimed for our product groups to be supported with the correct technology investment and suitable process and meet the requests and expectations of the customers. In addition to the activities made in accordance with this goal and products shaped as general market requests, enriched product groups which are different and suitable for customer expectations have been created and the product portfolio has been widened.

Our company accepts being an industrial enterprise that accomplishes to continue its development by providing constructive contributions to Plastic Packaging sector and country economy and performing the commercial, administrative and social necessities of this as the company mission.

Occupational Health and Safety

Our company, which is in the scope of companies working with flammable chemicals, takes place in the Risky and Dangerous Affairs Group on Hazard Classes Regarding Occupational Health and Safety" issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

It is our duty to protect the employees, the environment, our workplace and our region from the hazards that may arise during the handling of raw materials and other flammable / combustible materials in the processes, storage and transportation of the products produced. The working conditions have been established according to the risk assessment studies defined according to the Occupational Health and Safety criteria set by the Ministry of Labor.

We aim to use all existing safe equipments in our system. Analyzes are made with stable periods, regulatory and preventive actions are taken simultaneously. Periodical fire drills and training are carried out in our institution.

At the same time, in order to increase intra-organizational awareness, meetings are held where everyone's participation and suggestions are presented. All field and machine periodical maintenance are made according to the requirements of the Regulation. Required Staff training, equipment, vehicle use authorization, documents and licenses are periodically controlled.

Environmental Safety

Making the future of individuals, society, country and the world healthy is possible with the environmental protection concept which is the cornerstone of sustainability. Our world is inherited to us, and it is possible to conserve this heritage with a conscious Production and Consumption.

Our environmentally oriented approach manages many processes such as waste control and management, making recyclable production, continuous monitoring of emissions, environment measurement.

In addition, Environmental Risk Identification and management studies are based on efficient operation of waste disposal systems (chemical, domestic, etc ..) controlled by weekly periods within the framework of the Regulations by following the environmental legislation and compliance with legislation, ensuring waste management, controlling and preventing emissions, establishing an inventory of chemicals,

Environmental Safety Risk Analysis is carried out and is audited weekly by the Auditing Institutions authorized by the Ministry of the Environment and Urban.

The necessary regulatory and preventive measures must be taken simultaneously.

Recyclable products are prefered in the selection of Consumables and Packaging Materials used in our products.

Recycling Machine Tracks are available at a capacity of 240 tons / month for recycling of waste and scrap in our production courses.

Proudly declare that Hobby Gardens with a regular infrastructure that allows for the cultivation of Fruits, Vegetables and Seasonal Flowers are allocated on our Land for the use of our staff together with their social areas.

Registration and Invoice Information

Institution Trade Register Date: 05.02.1997 
Turkish Trade Register Newspaper Number and Date: 13.02.1997 / 4228 
Trade Register Office Registering: Gebze Trade Register Office 

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