Reliable and Stable Notion Work

Ethical Rules and Social Accountability

Ethical Principles And Rules

Sekuro Plastic Packaging Industry Inc. Co. is sensitive to its social responsibilities with its administration and personnel. Compliance with the ethical rules is cared with both regulations in the legislations and its own culture related to the environment, consumer and public health. It supports and respects human rights.

The goal of our company is to ideally evaluate the investments of its shareholders. It is important to reduce the risks which can occur out of the investments to the lowest level. Each shareholder is valued at the same level regardless of the share amount they have. The financial status, present company structure and changes, commercial activities and performance are clearly and periodically updated and transferred to the shareholders. It is crucial to apply the principle of transparency in order to make the shareholders, stakeholders and suppliers reach information. To support development studies about providing the swift access to the correct information is important. 

It has adopted the principles of transparency, honesty and sincerity in conducting the activities with its personnel and partners. It complies with the rules of the law of the country and all of the legislation restrictions it belongs to. It is respectful to rights and liberties of the persons in contact. It prepares every kind of ground to make its personnel work in a safe, healthy and peaceful environment. It is always controlled by the Business Safety and Environment organized companies. 

A common value about acting in the understanding of team spirit and cooperation of the personnel is formed and the continuity of this organization is aimed. 

It is aimed to form a developing structure by regarding the views of the personnel. The personnel is supposed to have an honest communication with the shareholders, suppliers and customers. They are expected to avoid from actions that will affect the reputation of the company in a negative way. 

Social Responsibility

Our company takes care about complying with the laws and environmental values with the consciousness of social responsibility in its every activity. There is not any case presented against the company because of the damages given to the environment within the period. 

Sekuro Plastic Packaging Industry Inc. Co. aims to contribute to the environmental and economical development of the regions it has invested, and recycles every kind of waste material that can be recycled both in its own body (internally) and by agreeing with the recycling companies. In addition, it regularly makes in-house paper/plastic waste decomposition and classifies and ships them to necessary points in order to reduce the negative effects on the environment that is important for our company.