Reliable and Stable Notion Work

Management Structure

Board Members

Murat Hakan CIL
Chairman of the Executive Board
He served as co-founder and General Manager in Sekuro Plastic Packaging Ind. Inc. Co., and became the Chairman of the Executive Board in the year 1999. He still continues to work as the Board Chairman in Polifilm Packaging Industry Inc. Co.

Vice Chairman
CIL, who was born in 1982, completed her undergraduate study in the department of Tourism Operation in Applied Sciences Faculty of Bogazici University in 2005. Beginning to her post graduate in the department of Marketing in Bilgi University in the year 2010, CIL began her duty as Vice Chairman in Sekuro Plastic Packaging Industry Inc. Co. in February 2013 after she served in BUMED and Dogus GYO Inc. Co. respectively after her undergraduate study, and she still continues to her duty. 

Independent Member
HAKAN ATITURK, who graduated the department of Business in Inonu University in the year 1982, started his professional life in the department of Accrue in the Ministry of Agriculture in the year 1980. Beginning to work in the Committee of Inspection of Garanti Bank in 1983, ATITURK served as Izmir Region Assistant Manager, Department Manager, Marketing Unit Manager and Vice General Manager in Finansbank, Osmanli Bank and Anadolu Bank respectively and then, served as General Manager in GDS Investment Bank. 


Management Structure

Organization Chart

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