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Our New Factory

The Gebze factory, which has been established since the establishment of our company in 1997, has not been sufficient as an area that can serve for the development project of our Corporation together with the investments of New Period made since 2009. The search for a new Area in this framework continued for several years.

While this area should be suitable for growing in m2, it should have the logistic capabilities suitable for transportation to the markets and raw materials, besides the social structure suitable for the industry.
In this frame, an area of 72.501 m2 was allocated in the Bozüyük Organized Industrial Zone in 2011, the construction design was made on the area in accordance with our production criterias and a total closed area of 9.000 M2 was built.

In 2014, the move to the new factory started and was completed.

Bozüyük Organize Sanayi Bölgesi is located in highway distance, 4 km from Bozuyuk Lojistik Village, 1,5 hour from Gemlik Port. 

The Industrial Zone, located on the Bursa-Ankara Highway, is 26 km from Eskişehir and 7 km from the center of Bozuyuk and is on the intersection of Marmara, Central Anatolia, Mediterranean and Aegean Regions of Turkey.. The historical Silk Road, which is a route of intercontinental trade, is passed through Bozüyük.

Public transportation from Istanbul to Bozuyuk station on Istanbul-Ankara High Speed Railway is 2.15 minutes to Bozüyük Train station. With Bursa-Sivrihisar Highway planned to be opened in 2018 to Bozüyük transportation time by road from Istanbul is considered to be 1 hour and 20 minutes.
Our factory has transformer power of 3,200 Kw, 2 entry / exit gates for heavy and light vehicles, Green areas are completed.Environment and Work safety criteria are totally configured. Climate-controlled changing rooms are equipped with dining hall, doctor's room and work areas.