General Features of The Products

  1. Environmentalist; they have a recyclable structure.
  2. Healthy; they do not include toxic substance.
  3. Safe; they do not easily burn. They are fire resistant.
  4. Protective; they protect your products from dashes, water, moisture, dust, becoming rusty, hot and cold.
  5. Flexible; they can easily take shape according to the environments in which they are used (box, bin, bag etc.).
  6. Able to be stocked; because they are resistant to environmental factors, they are easy to be kept as stock.
  7. They have a variety feature; they can be produced as standard, laminated, printed, perforated, layer, bag, uvi mixed, corrosion preventive in intended thickness, color and combination according to your requests and order amount.
  8. They prevent the formation of any mark on the polished and bright surfaces (furniture, sofa, plastic and wood chair, automobile spare part, accessory and vice versa) and increase the resistance of the product against external and internal conditions, and provide them to be delivered as undamaged to the last user.
  9. Laminated with different products, they provide a packaging that is more resistant and adds added value to the product it covers.
  10. Their isolation feature is high; they have a feature of heat and sound retention on their own or with the aluminium foil which it is laminated and other materials.


Protective, Flexible, Stockable

PE Air Bubble Film

i. Standard Bubble Film (10/30 mm Diameter)
General Properties: This Product Group, which is used as External Protective Packing for transporting industrial products from one point to another, provides dust, water, moisture barrier and mainly protects against external impact, scratching and breaking.

It is used for 10 mm and / or 30 mm Bubble diameters in accordance with the product used and the expectations for the purpose of use.

Variety: This Product Group is usually used in Automatic Packing Machines. Customized structures for the customer are developed according to the operating speed, configuration and operating conditions of the Automatic Packing Machines. It is a product group which can be enriched with colored, chemical additive materials and can be produced as MultiLayer (Pe Film, Paper, Aluminum Foil, etc.).

Air Bubble Film Products can be presented as perforated on requested scale. These products provide packaging ease.

Areas of Usage: It is used in a wide variety of sectors including Furniture, Glass, Porcelain, Ceramic, Automotive, White Goods, Panel Radiator, Transportation, Plastic and Aluminum Joinery, Pool and Greenhouse Covering, Agriculture, Electricity, Electronics, Fixture and Sink.

ii. Opaque (Light Barrier) Protection Products
General Properties: Provides protection against scratches, impact and breakage, ensures that the sunlight does not cross the harmful effects of the products, protects against decay.

Varieties: Paper (Kraft, sulphite, etc.) and can be enriched with Pe Foam.

Areas of Usage: Furniture, Advertising Panel

iii. Insulation Products
General Properties: Air Bubble Fims can be combined with Foam, Aluminum or Metalized PET materials to make Multi-Layer composite products. It can provide 99% Reflective insulation and also High Value Insulation provided with Air (low heat transfer coefficient) included in Bubble Products.

Types: Add non-flammability, single / double side aluminum and metalized products

Uses: Construction, Poultry, Tent and Roofing Material

PE Shrink Film

General Properties: Used for the protection of external effects such as Dust, Water, Moisture (and sometimes easy handling) which may come to product when moving industrial products from one point to another.

It is the most widely used packaging film that tightly encloses the product packaged by shrinking (shrinking) property of Polyethylene by subjecting it to heat with oven or hot torch. Applied in automatic packaging machines.

Configuration of Automatic Machines, Operating Temperatures, Line Speed and Other Parameters Requires the variation of Shrink Film products. These variations are customized with Raw Material Formulations, Production Techniques and Usage Techniques.

Varieties: Customer Request, Product Geometry and Packaging Machine Different formulations according to Shrinking Conditions, Perforated Versions, Single Color Inkjet Printed, Double Layer, TTA (Single Side Open) or Hose.

Usage areas: It is used in the packaging of all industrial products, mainly Household Goods, Electrical-Electronic, Building Materials, Panel Radiator, Furniture and Materials, Food and Beverage.

PE General Packaging Films

General Properties: Films used for general protection purposes only, without any special treatment except thermal bonding.

Varieties: For the desired lubricity and mechanical properties, in the formulations suitable for the customer request, one layer coil can be produced in the form of one side open or gussets / without gussets. It can also be used as a Underlay Film on the construction site.

Uses: Furniture (bedding), Construction, Automotive, Food and a variety of industries.

Ready Made Products By Films

General Features: It is a product group that provides easy packaging and can hold different parts together. The customer is measured according to the request.

Variety: It can be done by the flat and bubble film, there are glowing and shrinkable alternatives that allow large volume products to be packaged by the dressing method.

Fields of application: Palletized Products, Automotive, Furniture, Food, Packaging Sector and various sectors.

General Features: Economical products that provide ease of packaging by cutting in demanded dimensions.

Varieties: Can be made flat or bubble films..

Areas of use: In the Crackable Goods Packaging, such as Porcelain, Glass, etc., and a wide range of sectors.

Technical Films

Please check the technical film details on our Polifilm Web Site.