Giving Importance to Development

R & D

R & D Departmant

Our design and developing process includes 9 stages and each of them progresses as the precondition of the following.

Design and Development Planning
All departments can make a design request by filling the Design Request / Tracking Form upon a new product request coming from the customer or a change request in the formulation of the product. The design request is evaluated by a study by R&D and presented to approval of the General Manager. If found appropriate, it is recorded and tracked in the Design Confirmation and Validity Tracking Chart.
Design and Development Inputs (Raw Materials, contents and materials in touch with the product)
All inputs about the product necessary for the design are recorded in the Design Confirmation and Validity Tracking Chart. The inputs about the product design can be the acceptance criteria related to the food safety requested by the customer, providing the technical conditions for the product requested by the customer, relevant legal and special requests of the customer and regulatory food safety conditions. It is kept in the design folder with the Design Request / Tracking Form.
Design and Development Outputs (Final product features)
After the design is confirmed and accepted as valid, all information necessary to present the completed product to the customer; Product name or definition, Composition, Biological, chemical and physical features, Foreseen storage condition and shelf life, Packaging, Transportation, preparation and labeling about the usage instructions, Preparing and/or processing before usage or process, Designed usage and definitions for the user groups (allergen) are recorded. Product definitions and prescriptions including relevant legal and special requests of the customer and regulatory food safety conditions are prepared. All information about the product definition is included in the Product Definition file.
Review of the Design and Development
In certain stages of the design, the design studies like confirmation, accepting valid are reviewed. This review is recorded in the Design Confirmation and Validity Tracking Chart.
Design and Development Confirmation 
Studies for the design confirmation are performed in accordance with a plan. The design confirmation studies are recorded in the Design Confirmation and Validity Tracking Chart. The confirmations about the product is provided by receiving approval from the customer.
Acceptance of the Design and Development  as Valid 
The validation of the product of which the design work is completed is performed with the positive result received in application by the customer. Receiving the customer’s approval means validation for the design work.
Control of the Design and Development Changes
R & D Department is responsible for making design changes or adaptations about the product, determining application rules related to these, control of the changes, providing a constancy of the changes and application rules. As a rule in production, the products which include the latest changes in changed design plan are produced. The design changes which will affect the products delivered to the customer are reviewed in terms of legislation compliance (Consumers Law and Europe Consumers Rights, Consumers Universal Declaration)
Flow charts, Process Stages and Control Measures
First, test production is made for the products of which design is completed and prescription is approved and then an approval is received from the customer. Then the confirmation of it is made in the Product Flow Chart. If it is different from the present product flow charts, it is prepared again.
Hazard Analysis
Each stage in the flow charts is evaluated within the framework of the Risk and Risk Assessment Rules.

R & D studies in Sekuro look for Functional and Economic Opportunity of customer expectations and / or potential customer requirements that may not be defined yet by works made by Business Development / Marketing.

In this context, the following activities are being carried out: In parallel with the continuous innovation approach, Sekuro is making tailor made formulation development studies for application and problem solutions as well as re-engineering and benchmarking studies.

• Shrink Film products can be developed by customized formulations for each end use and furnace systems 
• Formulation development on the need to protect Bubble Film Products and packaging machine compatibility
• Insulation material development studies according to thermal insulation, non-flammability requirements
• Product development studies to meet the special protection needs in the furniture industry.
• Recyclable superior product development activities for environmental applications


The equipment and the tests performed in our laboratory are as follows:

ZWICK Equipment
  • COF (coefficient of friction) coefficient of friction test
  • Elongation and breaking strength
NÜVE FN032 Equipment
  • Orientation test (shrinking)
  • Hot-Tack test (Thermal adhesive test)
  • Lamination of PVC with polyethylene film
  • Weight test
MITUTOYO Micrometer
  • Thickness